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Jade Plaque With Raised Lines Representing

Wi. 5.5, Dp. 0.46  cm

This piece of hopfnerite and nephrite is opaque and made of grayish black jade. Affected by the buried condition, the jade has lots of black and white stains left by permeation on its surface. This plaque has a square shape with round angels as well as a deformed insect pattern of smooth raised lines on one side was carved in bas-relief, representing the superb craftsmanship.

Stone Tiger

Wi. 8.94, Ht. 28.4  cm

The crouching stone tiger seems fierce, powerful, and full of vigor. There is no doubt that the stone tiger carved by the circular engraving skill are the influential works of art in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. Altogether ten round sculptures of stone lying tigers have been unearthed in Jinsha. This stone tiger has ash black color with white grayish black spots and veins of the rock aptly used to represent the spots on the tiger’s skin. Its forelimbs stretching and legs bending forward, the stone tiger has a raised head and a wide-open mouth revealing four canine teeth.

Ten-Node Cong

Wi. 6.9, Ht. 22.2  cm

The cuboid is made of translucent green jade. The profile is rectangular prism, and its upper part is larger that the lower part and its surface have 10 nodes and grooves. On every corner of the nodes is a simplified human face: round eyes, broad nose, and narrow mouth. On the upper part of one side was carved a human–shape sign. The entire object showed fine craftwork with the feature of well-polishing from inner part to the outside, and the quality of jade is smooth. This jade cuboid is identical with jade cuboids of the late period of Liangzhu culture in structure, pattern and workmanship.

Sun and Immortal Birds Gold Ornament

Wi. 12.5, Dp. 0.02  cm

It has a round figure, the pattern design is arranged respectively inside and outside with hollow-out expression. The inside pattern includes 12 equidistant arc tooth-like asterisms which are inclined clockwise. And the outside pattern consists of four equidistant birds. All birds are chin-up with stretched legs and flying pose in a direction contrary to the inner circle rotating direction. With its meaningful look and feel, precise structural composition, beautifully flowing patterns together with rich rhythm. It condensed ancient peoples’ profound philosophical and religious thinking, endless imagination, extraordinary artistic creativity and exquisite craftworks. On August 16, 2005, the Sun and Immortal Bird pattern was selected as the logo for Chinese cultural heritage.



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